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Rohnfried Gambazin Box: 30x25gr (spectacular treatment for respiratory infections, enriched with vitamins)
- 30%
Versele Laga Orlux Paste dried egg wild birds 800g

Regular Price: £5.89

Special Price: £4.12

- 20%
Versele Laga Orlux Gold patee wet paste red canaries 5kg

Regular Price: £22.29

Special Price: £17.89

- 10%
Versele Laga Orlux Frutti Patee paste wet multicolor 250g canaries, exotic birds and parakeets
- 30%
Versele Laga Orlux Insect patee Premium 400g dried paste insectivorous birds

Regular Price: £8.99

Special Price: £6.30

- 10%
Versele Laga Orlux Tropical patee Premium 5kg dry paste frugivore birds

Regular Price: £24.59

Special Price: £22.19

- 20%
OFFER: NEW Natural Naturazole solution, (liquid treatment against trichomoniasis - canker)
Saving Pack: Backs Extra Energy + Omega Plus Oil, the perfect combination
- 50%
OFFER: DE Reiger Fortipur Plus (disinfecting and energy tonic). Racing Pigeons Products

Regular Price: £18.20

Special Price: £9.10

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pigeon medication Treatments
Coccidiosis, paratyphoid, ornithosis ....
Belgica de Weerd, para palomas Race Booster
Top premium quality race boosters
Preventivos para palomas Natural preventive
100% natural, without antibiotics
probiotics, prebiotics, racing pigeons Probiotics
Total protection for your pigeons
Vitamins for racing pigeons Vitamins & Amino acids
The best selection of vitamins


bombas de humo Nifuramycin Box
The best treatment against salmonellosis
Pack ahorro Dacoxine + Respiratory Enrofloxacin
Liquid, tablets and for injection.
Tollisan Tollyamin, palomas Tollyamin Forte
It's simply the best
Backs, productos para palomas BS Better Digestion
Top premium quality 2 in 1 treatment
Aviform Ultimate 9 en 1 Total Disinfection
All in one treatment
Aviform Ultimate 9 en 1 MedPet 4 in 1
The favorite of our customers
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