Rohnfried WinPut 3kg, The NEW Feed Supplement with all-round Protection for Racing Pigeons

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Product Description


Rohnfried WinPut 3kg, The NEW Feed Supplement with all-round Protection for Racing Pigeons

The sport of pigeon racing is becoming more and more professional. This means to be successful all the requirements have to be optimised. Fanciers need to keep their pigeons at an optimum and also as simply as possible.

To optimize all feeding systems we have created a new product called Winput. Winput is recommended for all the different feeding systems and fanciers can use Winput all over the world. Winput is the result of years of Research for a consistent and systematic supplement developed to optimize health and performance of the racing pigeon all year round. Essential nutrients, additives and active substances are combined and coated as a pellet using a patented process


Winput - PSB Biosfour B4 (PhosphateSugarBase)
- B4 PSB provides the cell with the PSB sufficient (sugar phosphate B4 PSB base provides the basic nutrients for cell growth and provides significant measurable improvements.
of vitality, immunity and performances.
- The ability of oxygen in the blood contains iron in abundance active, which are bounded with organic formate iron and iron-chelate
- Special fibers to improve feed efficiency
- Constipation is supported by functional flavors
- The natural intestinal flora is stabilized by prebiotic substances
- Cell membranes are protected due to vitamin E, C and selenium
- Winput contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids to a demand-oriented care


Winput contains a balance of all the essential
- Vitamins,
- Minerals,
- Trace Elements
- Amino Acids
required for racing pigeons.

Depending on the season, Winput is fed daily in different quantities. Winput is advisable to be fed before the conventional mixture. Due to experience, this product should be fed at first together with a seed mixture (see below). ie 1 Cup of Winput with 2 Cups of seed mixtures, Proportional measurement is 1:2. We recommend to feed this Mixture daily before feeding the actual Grains.

- BREEDERS 2 grams daily
- RACING From the beginning of the race season 3 – 4 grams daily
- YOUNG BIRDS 3 grams daily per pigeon (maximum 6 grams)
- ACUTE YOUNG BIRD DISEASE (Vomiting, green excrement) 10 grams per pigeon mornings and evenings for 2 days but no longer than 5 days.
(there are no other feeds allowed)
- MOULTING 2 grams daily
- WINTER 1 gram daily

- 3 kg

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rohnfried
Indications Diarrhoeas, Fertility, For Breeding, For Moulting, Gastro Intestinal Infect., Nutritional supplement, Performance, Young in growth
Format Powder


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