BonyFarma S.G.R. 500 ml (contains numerous herbs that contribute to a higher resistance)

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Product Description


Bony S.G.R. a 100% natural product that significantly increases the resistance in flight, optimizes digestion while reducing the risk of infection . Racing Pigeons

- Increases resistance in flight
- Optimizes digestion
- Maintains the natural balance in your intestinal flora.
- Contributes to solid feces , avoiding mild diarrhea
- Strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of infections
- Improved recovery time after infection or treatment
- It is a 100 % natural

- Extracts of various herbs
- Echinacea
- Ginseng

- To prevent coli-infections, to heighten resistance, to improve the intestinal flora and the condition. Bony S.G.R. also fights developments of moulds. Supply Bony SGR on a daily base the first two weeks. Afterwards 2 to 3 times a week. Supply every day when intestinal problems or illnesses occur. Also short before races it can be given daily.

- 5 ml per litre of drinking water, 3 days per week (for instance Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
- When long races are at stake, it can be supplied daily.
- For small youngsters; use half a dose.

- 500 ml

Bony S.G.R. contains numerous herbs that contribute to a higher resistance. Amongst others: Echinacea purpurea, eleuterococcus and panax ginseng. Furthermore Bony S.G.R. contains some herbs that help to optimize digestion, which a/o reveals in improvement of the quality of droppings. A well-balanced composition ensures improvement of intestinal flora and a brake on the growth of yeasts such as Candida albicans.
The better intestinal flora contributes to a lesser chance of coli-bacteria’s causing diseases getting the upper hand. That is also the reason for a quicker recovery of infections and limited lost of condition for pigeons that run into the Adeno virus in spring. Basically, Bony S.G.R. can be supplied to pigeons whole year through.

Youngster can have Bony S.G.R. starting from the moment of weaning. Even during breeding and the period before old birds can be supplied with it. It is also very suitable to give to the old birds when they switch from small youngsters to regular food. We advise to give half a dose than. That is 2,5 ml per liter of drinking water.

We recommend to not supply Bony S.G.R. daily just after weaning, but about two or three times divided over the week. That is because Bony S.G.R. has a very stimulating influence on body and condition and youngster will then be too undertaking at a too young age. The ‘forme’ should not come too early. When the training races come closer, we advise to enlarge the frequency of supplying Bony S.G.R. About ten days before the training races it can then be given daily in the drinking water.

We tested Bony S.G.R. on our ‘test’-pigeons and discovered the feather-deck of the youngsters strongly improves when Bony SGR is supplied on a regular base. Bony S.G.R. can be supplied in the drinking water combined with most medication; when the medicines are given over the food. We do not advise to mix it with other products in the drinking water.

Bony S.G.R. is a pure nature product with no damaging side-effects. Nevertheless we advise pigeons to have disposal over enough minerals, red stone and such next to Bony S.G.R.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bonyfarma
Indications Gastro Intestinal Infect., Performance
DISEASES Black Spot disease
Format Liquid


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