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Saving Pack: Backs Extra Energy 400 gr + Omega Plus Oil 500 ml, the perfect combination

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Backs Extra Energy 400 gr (coal hydrates, vitamins, electrolytes). Pigeons Products
Backs Omega Plus Oil 500ml (100% natural surce of energy). For Racing Pigeons

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Product Description


Backs Extra Energy + Omega Plus Oil, the perfect combination. Extra energy to improve performance in races

Save £2 with this pack

Backs Extra Energy 400 gr (coal hydrates, vitamins, electrolytes). Pigeons Products

- It provides the body with energy.
- Improves metabolism
- Reduces stress during transport
- Has antioxidant

Backs Extra Energy contains high-quality coal hydrates, vitamin B12, vitamin C and electrolytes. The carefully chosen carbohydrates ensure a gradual adoption of glycogen.

Because of its composition it is possible to supply the pigeons with more energy and for him to fly longer on substance glycogen, therefore the pigeon can fly fast for a longer period and can win time.

The added Vitamin B12 and C ensures a better metabolism, more rest during transport and protection of cells.

The electrolytes organise the water balance. Therefore it detains water, of big importance for heavy races and hot weather.

- Carefully selected carbohydrates.
- Vitamins C and B12 group
- Electrolytes

Backs Extra Energie is administered according to the difficulty of the races 2 to 3 days before the next race. Moisten the food first with Omega-Plus-Oil and dry with Backs Extra Energie.

10 gr. (two full spoons) for 20 pigeons once a day with the food.

- Tube of 400 gr

Backs Omega Plus 500ml (100% natural surce of energy). For Racing Pigeons

Backs Omega-Plus-Oil was developed based on the latest scientific knowledge in the feeding of pigeons. It is a mixture from different oils and lecithin.

- slow down the inflammation
- support the functioning of the body
- stimulate the functioning and the development of the brains of our pigeons
- take care of soft and smooth feathers
- favour the functioning of hart and blood vessels
- have positive influence on the development of the young pigeons
- stimulate the fertility

- Soy oil,
- Linseed oil,
- Hempseed oil,
- Walnut oil,
- Cod liver oil,
- Propylene glycol
- Lecithin

- It is appropriate to give Omega-Plus-Oil the hole year through 2 - 3 times a week.
- During the racing season it is recommended to administer it the last days before basketing.

- 5 ml for 20 pigeons once a day over the feed

- 500 ml

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Backs
Indications Oils, Performance
Format No


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