Backs Curo Trek System 300gr, (spectacular supplementary feed agent for pigeons).

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Product Description


Backs Curo Trek System 300gr, (spectacular supplementary feed agent for pigeons).

- Curo Trek is a supplementary feed agent for pigeons which, by virtue of its outstanding effectiveness, is especially well-suited to support during the breeding, racing and moulting periods.
- Curo Trek must be administered once per day over the grainfeed moistened with oil.
- Curo Trek exhibits its greatest effectiveness when administered in only very small quantities. It activates all metabolism functions and has a positive effect on the body's own vitamin and protein synthesis.

Where there may be a necessity to combat disease, Curo Trek aids the effectiveness of medicines (antibiotics, trichomonads and coccidiae remedies etc.) and prevents resistance formations. In breeding, Curo Trek affects energy metabolism to a considerable extent and thus also the formation of reproductive hormones.

The birds possess extraordinary vitality and show no fertilisation problems. In the hens Curo Trek encourages egg formation and punctual egg-laying. During racing Curo Trek encourages motivation in training.

You will consequently be surprised at the pigeons' extraordinary readiness to perform and their strikingly rapid recovery following prize flights. Throughout the racing season this leads to constant performances, especially at the end of the season in long-distance races. Although energy metabolism during the entire racing period operates at maximum performance, the pigeons exhibit delayed or heavily restricted moulting behaviour.

As early as the rearing phase, but particularly after the weaning of the young pigeons, Curo Trek ensures excellent and uniform body and feather development. When Curo Trek is used the young pigeons display excellent health, are very willing to fly and recover very quickly after flights. With the renewal of the entire plumage, the moulting period especially places considerable demands on the pigeon's intact metabolism. With the help of Curo Trek, feather growth progresses in the best possible way during moulting. The plumage becomes amazingly silky and smooth.

- sea weed chalk,
- glucose,
- lactose,
- magnesium oxide,
- yeast dried

- 0,03-0,05 g over the feed, which is moistened with Curo leciplus.
Exact application: see instruction leaflet

- 300gr

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Backs
Indications Fertility, For Breeding, For Moulting, Nutritional supplement, Performance, Young in growth
Format Powder


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